I’ve just finished editing on a promo for the Alternative Miss Ireland 2012. It’s the last ever pageant, which is sad. I’ve been involved in the event since 1997. We filmed Panti at her photoshoot for the publicity material for this year’s event and did a very quick and dirty edit. Niall Sweeney is the artistic director for the AMI and he had idea of where he wanted to go with video. And of course, Panti makes a fantastic subject for any photography. We threw it together in a couple of days (in between computer meltdowns and our actual lives) and I think it came out well. Windmills Of Your Mind is one of my favourite songs and I thought it was apt… Here’s the video:

Meeting on the Stairs

Meeting on the Stairs is the feature film debut by Lorna Fitzsimons and I acted in it. Yes, I’m a movie star. There’s a showing at the Underground Cinema in Dun Laoghaire on February 9th and you can get tickets to see it here.

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Love on a Mountaintop

The town of Campillo de Ranas used to be in the middle of nowhere. You would expect it to be. After all, it’s a tiny village set high in the mountains about two hours north of Madrid. With a small church, a tiny town hall and a cluster of cottages, it doesn’t seem to offer much –except a pretty view. The rugged mountain gorges go for miles and miles in each direction. They are scattered with pine trees that hide small mountain streams and, apparently, a lot of wild rabbit. This was a spot favoured only by hunters or the more adventurous tourist. It’s a butch kind of place yet, somehow, Campillo de Ranas has now become the gay wedding capital of Spain. Continue reading “Love on a Mountaintop”

Egyptian Wonder

The Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and one of the most recognisable human structures on the planet, are located just outside Cairo. They rise impossibly from the sand of the Sahara. It is no wonder that some have said they were built by the gods or by aliens. These massive structures seem beyond the capabilities of humans. Continue reading “Egyptian Wonder”