Interview: The Six O’Clock Show

I was a guest on TV3’s Six O’Clock show on Friday. You can watch back on the TV3 player here (for as long as the link works). I spoke about how I’ve been performing as Shirley Temple Bar for twenty years, becoming ‘myself’ on Telly Bingo and how I worked with Arcade Fire on their last album. I also ate a walnut, which got lodged in my crooked teeth.

The show was hosted by Muireann O’Connell and Ray Foley and the other guests were Irish rugby player Shane Byrne and author-publisher Kunak McGann, with resident chef Kevin Dundon. (That’s us in the main pic).

Lennon Courtney: Autumn Winter is Coming

I showed up on Thursday to cheer on Brendan and Sonya as they unveiled their new Autumn Winter 2017 collection for Lennon Courtney. They put on a fashion show in the HQ of Dunnes Stores, which is a swanky building on the corner of Georges St and Stephens St in downtown Dublin. (Why don’t street names have apostrophes. It drives me mad!).

The show was great and it was equally great to hang out with loads of fab people I haven’t seen for ages. As you can see above, I took a Insta-selfie with Tara Flynn and Noel Sutton before I got too drunk on Prosecco.

You can see the new collection here or snoop their Facebook page here.

Interview: Brendan Courtney’s Feed

Facebook Live, Tuesday 4 July 2017

I was a guest on Brendan Courtney’s Feed yesterday.  Feed is Brendan’s Facebook Live project where he invites guests to his house for a chat and a cookery demo.  You have to make something in 15 minutes using up to 5 ingredients. I made Prawns al Pil Pil, which is one of my favourite Spanish holiday dishes.

So, can I now add the phrase ‘Celebrity Chef’ to my bio? Well, apart from the obvious question as to whether I’m a celebrity at all, you can see how I got along in the video below. Brendan and I are good friends so we talked on a bit. (Runtime: 1hr 10 mins).

Brendan Courtney's FEED with Declan Buckley

Brendan Courtney's FEED is cookin' with @DeclanBuckley AKA @Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar at The George!

Posted by Brendan Courtney on Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Interview: Another Country

RTE1, 21 June 2017 – 9:35pm

The oral histories documentary, Another Country, which was originally screened at Gaze Film Festival in 2016 was screened again on RTE television last night. The film was re-cut to fit broadcasting requirements, however I still managed to make the cut.

In Pride week, it’s important to consider the strides that LGBT people have made in the past years in Ireland, and while the narrative arc in the story lacked a certain punch, there is no doubt that this film is a valuable record of LGBT lives over the past 40 years. Edmund Lynch has toiled hard to record these interviews and for that he should be lauded.

The film focussed mainly on our formative years, how we as LGBT people coped within our community and society at large — and what we did to change it. It is interesting that there was a diversity of experience among the people interviewed – some experiencing hardship while others profess to have had a great time. One thing that struck me (apart from the incredible work that individual activists have done for our community) was that we all got through it in our own way.

We do indeed live in another country now.

Interview: Elaine

Elaine, TV3 — 15 February 2017.

I was a guest on TV3’s Elaine show on Wednesday afternoon. I don’t have a new book or a show to flog so it was a general chat about me and my dreary life. Elaine is great fun and — as she mentions in the interview, has been to my show in The George,so —we had already met.  That made the whole thing a lot easier!

We discussed the fact that I have now been Shirley Temple Bar for 20 years, how that all started and about drag in general. (She tried to get me to get shady with drag queens from RuPaul’s drag race but I wouldn’t be drawn. At least not while the cameras were on me).

We also talked about my parents, who are deaf, and in particular about my mother. I told the story of how my mother had to travel to the US to get a degree because she couldn’t matriculate to UCD because she hadn’t studied Irish.

The show is available on the TV3 player here