Interview: The Book Show

The Book Show, RTE Radio 1, 22 February 2014

Christoper Isherwood’s book A Single Man is 50 years old this year and it was one of the first gay themed novels I ever read. I was a guest on RTE’s The Book Show to discuss the book and its impact on me.

Isherwood is probably better known to a wider audience as the author/principal character in the film Cabaret and the novel A Single Man was adapted by Tom Ford in a visually stunning directorial debut. However, Isherwood was a pioneer of  the gay literature genre, whose thoughts and observations were often ahead of his time. His work placed gay men  centre-stage as fully formed protagonists facing universal themes of loss, grief and isolation. This was a revelation to me and led me to explore other authors who were documenting the gay experince (e.g. James Baldwin,  Armistead Maupin).  I re-read A Single Man to prepare for this interview and found it just as moving as it was back then.

You can hear the interview here

Support: RNLI May Day Campaign

Support your lifeboat service! Brave volunteer RNLI lifeboat crews battle the harshest conditions at sea as they selflessly go to the aid of people in distress. Having the right kit can make the crucial difference between life and death for them and the people they save.

My uncle Walter Burke volunteered with the RNLI for many years in Galway Bay and on the Aran Islands. I met some of his fellow volunteers last year: great bunch of people.

Meeting on the Stairs

Meeting on the Stairs is the feature film debut by Lorna Fitzsimons and I acted in it. Yes, I’m a movie star. There’s a showing at the Underground Cinema in Dun Laoghaire on February 9th and you can get tickets to see it here.

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