Once upon a time in Venice

Gondola Service, Venice. 2017.

I was in Venice recently to check out the 2017 Art Biennale exhibition. The low and heavy clouds gave the city a fog that was both otherworldly and romantic. Even when cold and grey, Venice has an allure; a faded elegance that gives the city a slightly unreal quality.  Like it is a beautifully art-directed film set. It’s the perfect setting to be inspired by art.

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Mayo Days

I visited the coastline of North Mayo —part of Ireland’s visually stunning Wild Atlantic Way. The rugged and breath-taking landscape features the amazing Dun Briste Sea Stack as well as areas of unique historical importance, like the Ceide Fields. Hidden for thousands of years under bog land, these Neolithic stone field markings are the oldest known such field systems in the world. They are over five and a half thousand years old and shed light on the kind of communities that were in existence in this part of Ireland at that time: large groups of organised farmers who lived in relatively peaceful conditions. Climate change and political upheaval are suggested as the reason why the communities disbanded, leaving behind farmlands that were eventually consumed by the bogs. The fields were excavated by archaeologists over the last 40 years and there is now a fascinating interpretative centre at the site to explain their origins.

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What the Tuk?

The Tuk Tuk is part-motorbike, part-rickshaw and totally Thailand.  Your first time sitting in the back, weaving through traffic in the smoggy, smelly streets of Bangkok, is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.

The only people taking Tuk-tuks in Bangkok seem to be tourists – and the trips are priced accordingly: Tuk-tuks are not as cheap as regular taxis but they’re not that expensive either and you have to try it.

Here I am on my last tuk tuk ride of my holiday looking way more relaxed than I was on my first.